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I just wanted to say, thank you for still following this blog even though it’s been inactive for quite some time (even more surprised that this blog still managed to gain a few!). Unfortunately, I am still on hiatus. So I won’t be able to roleplay with you lovely folks, just yet. But you can bet that once I am ready, I will come back and be more active!

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Anonymous sent: I've been thinking of starting an RP blog for one of the many Voltage Characters and I was wondering what made you decide to start one and what tips you can give for anyone planning on starting one.


Oh goodness, I am so very sorry if this is an extremely late reply! I haven’t logged on here for quite a while, you see! I’m still on a hiatus from this blog, but I am more than willing to answer this since it is a question for mun! ^^ Maybe you have already started a blog by now? But I will answer this in case you are still wondering, and for those planning, as anon said!

Alright, so what made me originally decide to start this blog? First off, I started this blog around the time BMP’s GREE App came out (the english one!). I’m by no means new to roleplaying, but I have never roleplayed an otome character before! Joshua was my chosen prince within the GREE game, and I figured….maybe I should make a blog and try rpg him! I’ve always wanted to play a slightly more serious character too, because who doesn’t love a tsun-tsun like Joshua?! (; If you’re really curious and wish to try it out, I say go for it! 

And from my experience with rpg Joshua, here are some of my tips:

  • Since you’re going to be rpg an otome-character, don’t be surprised if you get a LOT of activity! You are now giving life to a dating sim character.
  • I stress the word dating-sim because that means there is only one of you and many “MCs”—an MC can be considered as each individual that you will be interacting with, no? ^^ Don’t forget you may even come across other characters that wish to rp with you!
  • Try not to let any “hate” get to you! You may or may not run into issues as you RP, whether with anons or so. Don’t let them get to your head! Be proud of who you are and what you are doing. Because it’s not easy. 
  • Try to keep yourself as organized as possible! You might be getting some asks, some reblogs, and maybe even some submission rps. I learned the hard way that if you do not find a way to organize this, you can easily lose track of them!
  • Expect that someday, there might be others that rp the same character as you! Don’t take this negatively in anyway, okay?! In fact, say hello to them as a fellow—say, Joshua-mun—and who knows, you could make a connection!
  • The absolute most important tip I have for you is to keep an open mind, have patience, and have fun! It’s your time and your blog. You run it the way you want to and play the character how you feel he/she should be played! If anyone has a problem with that, then that problem is their own, not yours.
If you ever have any other questions/concerns for Mun, please don’t hesitate to ask me! If you’d like faster response though, I’m definitely on my personal often. I’m glad that you came and asked me this, anon. Again, sorry for the late response and I hope this helped anyone in anyway!

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Prince—Joshua mun

[First Meeting] // setsuka-hime


She blinked in surprise that he said, “Nothing. Nothing was wrong. What makes you think something is wrong?” She couldn’t help, but to sweat dropped of seeing his stubbornness. He then asked her to do something for him as though it was serious. Till she heard him saying that he wants her to make him more onigiri. She let out a sigh and nodded. “Alright, I’ll make some more onigiri for you, but I expect to see a smile when I give it to you.” She told him. She walked outside of his office and head towards the kitchen. When she was there, she took out a plate with 5 rice balls from microwave and took off the plastic wrap. Then she walked back to his office and placed the plate in front of him

His eyes widened in surprise when she reentered the room, plate of onigiri in hand.  ”That was pretty fast…is it that easy to make?”

He poked one several times, and certainly they were warm.  ”What is inside these things again?”  Joshua grabbed one and began devouring the rice balls, as if he had starved all day long.  He had finished two when he suddenly paused and looked at up her.

"Do you…want some?"  Joshua cleared his throat, hoping to mask his slight embarrassment.  He gently pushed the plate a few centimeters towards her and gestured towards the remaining three onigiris.  You brought plenty. Sit and eat."  It came out almost like a demand.

Royal Emergency || @Jan [jan-dresvan-butler]


The date is February 13. Time, some ungodly hour in the middle of the night.  The prince had stayed up that night doing extra paperwork since there was much to be done.  All had proceeded nicely—until he caught a glimpse of an odd note written in his daily schedule for the next day. He had no idea where his steward was; the man could be sleeping for all Joshua knew, but this was an important matter that he needed to be cleared up right away.

So he did what he was best at: yelling.

"Jan, come here now!"

Happy Valentines:) !

Greetings,Prince Joshua.Happy Valentines!uh,I made something for you…I know that you don’t like sweet things so… I made some onigiris.Please accept them!

Well if you insist.

[And of course, Joshua happily accepts the onigiri and proceeds to gobble it down faster than anyone can say “onigiri prince”.]

Anonymous sent: I woke up this morning and smiled. Would you like to know what put the smile on my face? Knowing people like you are in the world. Thank you for your presence. (your secret tumblr admirer)

"What is a prince to his kingdom if he is never present—useless, he would be."

[ Prince is smiling on the inside]

winged-alchemist sent: "Hello your highness" Miyuki smiled at the Prince and curtsied.

"Oh…Hello."  Joshua bowed his head in return.  "I don’t suppose you’re also a new staff member?"

toiruchi sent: "Hello Your Highness, I'm the new chef here, would you mind telling me where the kitchen is?" She bowed and looked at him.

"You are the new chef?"

Joshua stared at her, looking rather perplexed.  ”I was not aware we had a new one.”  He glanced over his shoulder and drew in a deep breath. “Jan!!

He turned back to face her.  ”Jan should be coming right about now. He can show you.”

Anonymous sent: I hope you smile today. I hope you laugh until you cry today. I hope you sigh wistfully and think of me today. (your secret tumblr admirer)

Ah….Well, if you could reveal yourself then—